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Cal Dive Advanced Burial Plow

Difficult or unusual offshore construction requirements? No problem.

Cal Dive has built its reputation by successfully tackling the tough situations. It’s our nature to confidently do what others cannot. And do it safely. It takes a blend of the right talent and resources to meet such demanding challenges on a daily basis.

Cal Dive specialties include:

  • Turnkey offshore projects
  • Providing and managing multiple resources for complex projects
  • Construction and salvage
  • Client alliances

What others are saying:

“Response to an urgent request was very timely. Because the equipment was an operational “dive boat” mobilization was very efficient. Supervision and crew were very receptive to the joint (client-contractor) development of a safe plan and procedure which would be successful and worked very well with the client as a team. All were very flexible. The experienced vessel captains safely moored to the platform at locations suitable for divers to perform all tasks safely.”