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Kestrel, a 325 ft DP Saturation Diving Vessel entering Boston, MA USA

Fleet diversity: from saturation diving support to construction barges

Since Cal Dive's inception, we have been dedicated in assembling a premier fleet of vessels to provide dependable, versatile service to the offshore oil and natural gas industry.

We currently own and operate a diversified fleet of saturation diving support vessels and  construction barges capable of operating in water depths of up to 1,000 feet.

We offer DP capabilities on four saturation diving support vessels.

Cal Dive Vessels

DP Saturation Diving
Kestrel PDF
Mystic Viking PDF
Uncle John PDFDal Dive American Constitution vessel
Texas PDF, Metric UnitsPDF

4-Point Saturation Diving
American Constitution PDF
Midnight Star PDF
Cal Diver I PDF
Cal Diver II PDF

Sea PDF, Metric UnitsPDF(Hi-resolution)

DerrickCal Dive Sea Horizon vessel
Pacific PDF(Hi-resolution)

Pipelay/Pipe Burial
Pecos PDF
Lone Star PDF
Rider PDF
Brave PDF

Other Services
Advanced Burial Plow
Light Well Intervention

Portable Saturation Diving Systems (6)